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We understand the complex world of utilities and offer various services to simplify things for you. We help protect your company from rising business energy costs and fluctuating energy prices using our industry expertise.


This is the pre-procurement stage where we do all necessary checks on your current pricing structure and past records. When we find a billing anomaly, we work directly with suppliers to resolve this and secure a credit note on your behalf.


Then based on your consumption we build a strategy for each customer based on their needs and demands.


Each solution is geared towards different risk appetites. With a large basket size in hand and strong relationships with all suppliers, we look at each client’s specific requirements.. All major UK suppliers are invited to the tender with no bias.


By ensuring the contracts are continually assessed, we ensure that purchasing decisions are always examined when the contract ends to ensure full accountability. Our in house analyst monitoring the market 365 days a year allows us to tender at the right time to maximise cost savings.


We provide all clients with powerful reporting tools which allow any anomalies to be picked up and corrected within 24 hours. We keep a track of your usage on your behalf and ensure all readings are correct and updated.


From the day your contracts are signed, each account manager then monitors every account and looks for buying opportunities when the market is in favour of the customer. Our team looks after all potential issues or any extra services needed from the supplier on your behalf which allows you to focus on your more pressing day to day roles.


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